I am passionate about helping individuals, couples& families who are stuck in a place of discouragement transition to a place of joy. 

Professional qualifications:  I have a Masters in Counseling from Adler Graduate School and am a licensed school counselor as well as a licensed associate marriage and family therapist.  In addition to my private counseling and consulting practice, I  have served on the faculty and staff at Adler Graduate school teaching and advising adults who are pursuing a graduate degree in counseling.  In addition to working directly with individuals, couples and families, I also consult with individual school districts on culture and counseling program reviews and have served as a retreat director for Youth Frontiers, Inc leading educator retreats for school staff on Honor and Purpose.    I also am the co-founder of EmpowerU - an online solution to help adolescents and soon young adults build the skills and strategies they need to overcome social and emotional barriers.

Values:   I have a huge heart for working with  individuals, couples and families.  Part of my motivation in leaving high school counseling was to  start a consulting and counseling practice where I could develop programs and services that are affordable and helpful to people on a quest to find their own personal path to  joy.   And I love it.  I am a person of faith and can incorporate that into your sessions if that is something important to you as well.

Personal: I have been married for 33 years and together with my husband, Dave, have raised seven children. We know first hand the challenges that families face in grief, adoption, anxiety, relationships, and life planning for big transitions. Along the way, I have learned personally and professionally that through struggle comes growth. I have witnessed the power of hope and healing that results in renewed joy. I feel blessed that in my job I can help others do the same.